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GK Review: MotoGP 20

Hi there! Today we bring you a full review of the new motorracing game from Milestone, “MotoGP 20“. Here’s a snippet: And here is th...[Read More]

Milestone announces RIDE 4

Milestone is pleased to announce RIDE 4, latest chapter of its beloved franchise dedicated to all two-wheel lovers, that will be released on October 8...[Read More]

Lack of Updates due to COVID-19

Hi fellow gamers, Hope you’re all safe and strong! You may have noticed there’s a lack of updates here @ GamerKnights due to COVID-19. We&...[Read More]

Warner Bros announces Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, a new expansion for the hit videogame Mortal Kombat 11, the best-s...[Read More]

GK Review: Persona 5 Royal

Hi there fellow gamers. We hope you are still safe & strong in these COVID-19 times! Since there isn’t much happening lately in terms of ...[Read More]

GK Review: TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge 2

Hi there! Hope you’re all safe and strong in these COVID-19 times. Today we present you a full review of the new racing game from BigBen, “...[Read More]

Refreshed, revamped, remastered: Saints Row The Third makes debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Nine years after its original release, Deep Silver today announced that Saints Row The Third has been completely remastered and will release on Xbox O...[Read More]

GK Review: DOOM Eternal

Hi there! Our review of the new “DOOM Eternal” is just finished and now online. Here’s a snippet: Thankfully the combat hasn’t been ...[Read More]

Give your friend a Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan FREE friend’s pass

If you got a copy of the latest “Man Of Medan”, you’ll be delighted that starting from today, all existing owners of The Dark Pictur...[Read More]

Cult classic NieR Replicant in development

SQUARE ENIX today revealed that the cult classic third-person action-RPG, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, is to be rebuilt for the PlayStatio...[Read More]

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MotoGP 20(20): It’s been many years since Milestone started handling the two wheels and we finally had to get to MotoGP 20 to write – perh...[Read More]


We kind of saw this coming: Persona 5 Royal is by no means a surprise. Atlus are all about the re-release, which would be annoying if they didn’...[Read More]

Ride On The Edge 2: It has been two years since the release of TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge , (review) a special title which in turn was based on ...[Read More]

Cack or deem-ed good? Doom 2016 was one of my favourite games of this generation. Can the sequel, “DOOM Eternal” live up to one of the bes...[Read More]

My Hero On’s Justice 2: This is the new installment based on the Kouhei Horikoshi superhero franchise inspired by My Hero Academia. The first ch...[Read More]

Bayonetta & Vanquish: Vanquish and Bayonetta still stand as some of the finest action games of their generation, and feathers in the cap of Platin...[Read More]

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