GK Preview: DiRT Rally ‘Early Access’

DiRT Rally

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GK Preview: DiRT Rally ‘Early Access’

GK Preview: DiRT Rally ‘Early Access’

Good morning. Today our reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at Codemasters’ new ‘early access’ racing game “DiRT Rally“.


Dirt Rally may be ‘early access’, but the game isn’t particularly thin on the ground when it comes to content. There’s 36 stages at the minute, and 17 cars from a host of different rallying eras, from the Mini Coopers of the 1960s to Group B monsters from the 1980s. The handling model, whilst not as brutal as cult-classic Richard Burns Rally (which some insist is harder than driving an actual rally car), is edgy and nervous, requiring finesse to guide your car through the twists and turns.

Full “preview” can be read here.


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