GK Review: Project CARS

Project CARS

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GK Review: Project CARS

GK Review: Project CARS

Good afternoon fellow gamer. Today we’ve published our in depth review of the new simulation racing game from Bandai Namco “Project CARS“. Delayed several times it’s finally available. We’ve been playing with the game for some time (see our Let’s Play videos) so our final review is now online.

Here’s a snippet from the review:

There’s no concept of rewinds, just restarts, and any kind of spin or off-track incident is normally fatal to your chances (this isn’t the kind of game that lets you coast on the grass for a while). With a wheel though (which still requires a fair bit of setup to get right), the handling model is just about perfect, requiring finesse, but not so much you ever feel the game works against you.

Full review.


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