Microsoft announces Gigantic for Xbox One and Windows 10


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Microsoft announces Gigantic for Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft announces Gigantic for Xbox One and Windows 10

“Gigantic” is a free-to-play shooter MOBA where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy. “Gigantic” tests teamwork, tactics, and timing as players confront a five-story foe and conquer a fantasy battlefield.

Whether players favor shooters, action RPGs, or traditional MOBAs, “Gigantic” has heroes for various playstyles—and strategic depth they’ll find satisfying. The third-person perspective puts the emphasis on movement and action. Players leap, dodge, and sprint across the battlefield, then unleash a devastating combo… before scurrying to cover as the enemy guardian draws near.


Meet Your Guardian
A five-story mythical monster, each guardian gathers a team of five heroes, fights at their side, and resurrects them when they fall in battle. Combine a hero’s skill with the power of a naga, griffin, or another guardian to dominate the battle.

Choose Your Hero
Choose from elusive snipers, powerful spellcasters, and heavy-metal juggernauts. No matter what kind of game you’ve played before, you’ll find something familiar—and something new. As heroes fight, they level up and improve their skills. Players choose how to upgrade2, improving their healing skill, developing a new area attack, or immobilizing their enemies.

Control Your Battleground
Survival requires teamwork: player powers interlock and supplement each other, providing tactical flexibility. Summon unique creatures with special powers to seize key points and assist your team. Snipe from overlooks, sneak through tunnels, and guard chokepoints.

Unleash Your Guardian
Capture points to empower your guardian, sending it on devastating rampages. Rampages destroy the terrain and reshape the battlefield, providing new tactical opportunities and vulnerabilities. Guardians also strike down other guardians, leading the path to victory.

About Motiga
Motiga is an independent game studio composed of about 110 industry veterans based in Bellevue, Wash. Since 2012, they’ve been working on “Gigantic,” a free-to-play shooter MOBA for Windows 10 and Xbox One. It’s scheduled for release in the 2015 holiday season.

With early investment from some of the world’s top free-to-play game publishers and a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft, Motiga has the stable foundation to create games that move the industry forward and create magical game experiences.


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