GK Review: Art Academy Atelier

Art Academy Atelier

Wii U


GK Review: Art Academy Atelier

GK Review: Art Academy Atelier

Good afternoon. We just got a new WiiU review ready coming from Nintendo, it’s their popular “Art Academy Atelier“.

What is that you might ask yourself? Well here’s a bit more info from the game:

Art Academy is a strange beast: it was on the DS, and it still is on the Wii U. Using your gamepad and stylus you’re able to select tools and put digital paintbrush to digital canvas. Thanks to the touchscreen there isn’t a disconnect here, unlike similar tablet-based art programs available. You can watch your progress happen beneath the stylus rather than on a separate screen. This is a huge boon in the Wii U’s favour, and one that really sets Atelier apart from its competition on other systems.

Full review right here.

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