Our Game Of The Year 2015

Our Game Of The Year 2015

Hi there! Hope you had a great (white) Christmas and ready for New Year next thursday. Carrying on the PlayDevil tradition, the GamerKnights crew will each present their personal top 5 Games Of The Year, with their reasoning why.

2015 has been a bit of a golden year. After 2014 came and left us with broken dreams like DriveClub and Halo: MCC, and delayed title after title into 2015, it feels like this has been the year where the current consoles finally started to deliver upon their promise.

It’s not all been rosy, of course, with titles like Arkham Knight suffering from crushing issues (particularly the broken PC port), and a couple of games getting shunted into 2016, but 2015 feels like the first time since 2011 or 2012 where the number of quality games released has exceeded my available time to play them.

Our “Game Of The Year 2015” article can be read here.




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