GK Review: Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers



GK Review: Final Fantasy Explorers

GK Review: Final Fantasy Explorers

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We have just published a new review for Nintendo’s 3DS coming from publisher Square Enix, “Final Fantasy Explorers“. All Final Fantasy fans will love this game!


There’s a lot of depth to Explorers, much like the popular monster hunting series that obviously inspired it. The job system is deep and satisfying and the game rewards significant time sinks with cool rewards. What it does much better than its forebears is introduce and acclimatise you to its systems in smart ways. In other monster hunting titles I’ve often felt overwhelmed and quite honestly put off during their opening hours. Final Fantasy Explorers organically introduces its myriad systems and wrinkles as you progress in a way that never feels daunting. This is in part thanks to a streamlined and slightly less complicated game, but smart tooltips and great pacing is just as much to blame here.

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