GK Review: Day Of Tentacle Remastered

Day of the Tentacle: Remastered




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GK Review: Day Of Tentacle Remastered

GK Review: Day Of Tentacle Remastered

Good afternoon fellow gamers! It has been some time since we published a review, mainly due to holidays but fear not, we got plenty of new reviews ready for you.

Today we present you a full review of the new point & click adventure game from developer ‘Double Fine’ with their remastered version of “Day Of The Tentacle“. Anybody who played PC games back in the nineties will surely recognise this fantastic game.


Day of the Tentacle is a really out-there adventure game that serves as a follow up to Maniac Mansion (which itself is fully playable within DOTT). Our protagonists, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, have a time-based mishap whilst exploring a mansion and get scattered throughout the past, present and future, and must help each other (with some really smart, time-hopping puzzles) to fix everything.

Full review.


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