Month: June 2016

Remastered BioShock: The Collection Coming September 13, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

It’s been nine years since Irrational Games and 2K took you on a terrifying journey to the depths of the underwater city of Rapture with BioShock. Five years since you returned to Rapture in BioShock 2. Three years since you grabbed a skyhook and sailed across the floating city of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. And on September 13, 2016 (September 15 in Australia and September 16 internationally),...[Read More]

New expansion Underground and new update v1.3 available for Tom Clancy’s The Division

Today, Ubisoft announced that the Underground expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC. Underground is available with the Season Pass or can be purchased separately for £11.99, and will be released for the PlayStation 4 on August 2. In the Underground expansion, agents must fight a war on two fronts. Below the streets of New York, enemy factions are regro...[Read More]

GK Review: Valentino Rossi: The Game

This morning we bring you a full review of the new sports game from Milestone, “Valentino Rossi: The Game“. Here’s more: The story mode itself doesn’t really offer up anything beyond the usual Milstone fare. Creating a team and some kind of personal brand is supposed to give you an attachment to your team; an emotional reason to keep playing through, but the presentation and prog...[Read More]

Overwatch is getting Competitive Play

Overwatch is getting new game mode: Competitive Play. It is available right now on PC, and will be arriving soon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Competitive Play is designed for those who truly want to put their skills to the test, and offers a more serious experience than Quick Play or Weekly Brawl!  modes. To make sure everyone has a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics, maps, and heroes, ...[Read More]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III DLC Pack, Descent coming to PS4 on July 12th

Descent, the third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, arrives first on PlayStation 4 on 12th July, with other next-gen platforms to follow.  Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent drops players into four new unique, multiplayer maps and an all-new Zombies experience that continues the fan-favourite Origins storyline in an alternate- U.S.S.R. universe. “One of the things I love most about Treya...[Read More]

More than 80 different weapons of mass destruction available in Worms W.M.D

Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 is announcing today the full arsenal of weapons for its forthcoming Worms W.M.D. Worms W.M.D features 35 standard weapons and utilities which includes 3 brand new weapons, the Dodgy Phone Battery, Unwanted Present and OMG Strike: · Launch the Dodgy Phone Battery on to the landscape and watch as it delivers a short sharp sho...[Read More]

GK Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Hi fellow gamers! Today we present you a full in depth review “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst“. Here’s a snippet: Catalyst’s biggest boon is its open world twist on the original’s tight corridor running. Given an entire cityscape’s rooftops to explore is at once daunting and exciting, and messing around, practicing my parkour, working on shortcuts and crafting my own routes was a ...[Read More]

GK Preview: 10 Second Ninja X

Good morning! Our (p)reviewer Joe has just done a full preview of the upcoming indie game “10 Second Ninja X” which is launching next month on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Here’s a snippet: Of course, simply clearing a level isn’t enough for the sadistic minds over at Four Circle. Upon completion of my very first level I was presented with a single measly star (out of a possible three)....[Read More]

GamerKnights Let’s Play PREVIEW – 10 Second Ninja X

After two nights of solid practice, Joe present’s his flawless Marathon run whilst previewing 10 Second Ninja X from Four Circle Interactive!

GK Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Hope you already noticed some difference in speed since we moved to our new super fast server? This morning we bring you a full review of the new Adventure/Detective game by developer Frogwares, the new “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter“. Is it much better than Crimes and Punishments? Here’s a snippet from the review: What is new, however, are a number of very frustrat...[Read More]

Xbox One price to drop below £200!

Microsoft is set to drop the price of the Xbox One to £199.99 this week as part of a flash sale, marking the first time that the Xbox One console has been priced less than £200 by its parent company. Just weeks after the official announcement of the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio at E3, the Microsoft Store will be offering a Xbox One 500GB with FIFA 16 for just £199.99, as well as a number of othe...[Read More]

GamerKnights has moved to a new server

OMG! That went smooth! No downtime at all and watch that speed …. GamerKnights has now been moved to a much better server, faster loading times and cache and 99.9% uptime! Some countries are still behind with updating our new IP address and nameservers but that will change in a couple of hours. If you see this post, it means we have moved! So enjoy our much smoother website!  

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