E3 2016: Microsoft’s Hardware Highlights

E3 2016: Microsoft’s Hardware Highlights

During their E3 conference on Monday, Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox One model, along with a range of new Xbox Live features and a range of games coming to the system in the next year. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer underscored the Xbox team’s commitment to building a future of gaming beyond console generations and inviting gamers to play without boundaries.

Of particular note was the new Xbox Play Anywhere program, that lets gamers buy a game once and play it on both Windows 10 PCs and an Xbox One console. This feature also allows players to carry their progress and achievements between any compatible devices. Every game Microsoft showed off at the conference support Xbox Play Anywhere, which is great news for owners of a beefy PC rig to go along with their Xbox consoles.

“Gamers have never had more choice in how and where they play,” Spencer said. “We are bringing our biggest games lineup ever to Xbox One and Windows 10, uniting gamers across networks on Xbox Live and expanding the Xbox One family of devices with the addition of Xbox One S and “Project Scorpio” to give gamers more choice in how and where they play. There’s never been a better time to be an Xbox gamer.”

If you’re wondering what Xbox One S and Project Scorpio are, they’re two of the new devices Spencer unveiled during the conference. As part of the Xbox One family, they’ll both be able to play any existing or future Xbox One titles, and both systems show a significant upgrade to current hardware. Whilst the Xbox One S is the standard ‘slim’ version of the console – a sexier re-release the industry has come to expect a few years after an initial console launch – Project Scorpio is much more interesting. It’s a beefed up version with all new hardware and capable of running games in 4K resolution, purportedly ‘the most powerful videogames console ever made’. The ramifications of such a release are yet to be truly understood, as Microsoft has said Scorpio will not render current systems useless, and that all future software will work on existing Xbox One models, but be assured that this new horsepower will be incredibly important in the years to come.

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