Mafia III: E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Mafia III

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Mafia III: E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal Trailer


2K Games and developer Hangar 13 have just released the “Mafia III – E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer“, featuring never-before-seen gameplay along with commentary from Hangar 13 Creative Director Haden Blackman.

Get a crash course on Mafia III in the 22 minute E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal for a holistic look at the city of New Bordeaux and story, including:

  • More on Lincoln’s past and his road to revenge against the Italian Mob in New Bordeaux;
  • Character motivations for each lieutenant – Cassandra, Burke and Mafia II protagonist, Vito Scaletta;
  • A glimpse at the nine unique districts and the Bayou for players to explore;
  • Gameplay and combat mechanics that cater to every player’s specific style;
  • and much more!
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