GK In Depth Review: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

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GK In Depth Review: Final Fantasy XV

GK In Depth Review: Final Fantasy XV

Believe it or not  but since the launch of “Final Fantasy XV” last week, our reviewer Joe has been playing the game for hours, hours and hours! Over 40 hours now, he finished it completely to make the most in depth review ever (full 3 pages)!

Here’s a snippet:

In terms of visuals, FFXV has the ability to astound. The character models are ridiculously detailed and wonderfully animated, fleshing out the characters even further. On a macro scale the world itself is astonishing too – the vast, sweeping vistas of the open world, with their jutting rock formations in the distance, are fantastic to behold, especially when you’re coasting through it in the back seat of the Regalia, allowed to pan the camera around and take it all in.

Full review.

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