Zlatan Ibrahimović to star in improbable space game


So, in the second bizarre piece of news today, I’ve learnt that Swedish football ace Zlatan Ibrahimović not only owns his own mobile game developer, but that their last game stars Zlatan himself. Out August 17th, the modestly titled “Zlatan Legends” seems to ape Iron Man. Oh, and it’s set in space. That’s right, space. There isn’t a football in sight in the trailer.

The trailer continues in the same vein, with Zlatan bombastically announcing: “On this day, the universe will know, there is only one Zlatan.”

Zlatan Legends is developed by Isbit games, and comes out first on iOS August 17th. Apparently second-class Android citizens will have to curb their enthusiasm for an unknown period afterwards whilst they wait for the game to be released on the Play Store.

I’ve embedded the trailer below for those that simply can’t wait! Njut Av!

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