GK Review: Destiny 2

Destiny 2

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GK Review: Destiny 2

GK Review: Destiny 2

It’s here. Our very in-depth review of the new “Destiny 2” and it just might be our Game of the Year!

Here’s a snippet from our review:

Fans of Destiny 1 rejoice: everything you achieved was for nothing. Your light level? Gone. The gear you chased for years? Gone. The myriad accolades, ships, vanity items, virtual trophies, emotes and all those consumables you were never going to use, smashed to smithereens by – as catty robot Cayde-6 puts it – ‘a psycho rhino named Ghaul’. Yes, finally the lumbering Cabal race have their time in Destiny’s spotlight – a spotlight that avoided them throughout Destiny 1’s three year run – and they’re here with a vengeance.

Full review.


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