GK Review: Killing Floor 2 (XB1)

Killing Floor 2

PC PS4 Xbox One


GK Review: Killing Floor 2 (XB1)

GK Review: Killing Floor 2 (XB1)

Good morning! Today we present you our full review of the Xbox One version of “Killing Floor 2“. This game was released last year on PS4 and is now out on Xbox One with lots of content.

Here’s a snippet:

In terms of the gameplay, Killing Floor is basically Left 4 Dead crossed with Serious Sam – a co-op game where you take down hordes of fast-moving and varied zombie creations. There’s 10 different classes and numerous different weapons and skills to use, which allows for a huge level of customisation of your team, which is pretty commendable.

Full review can be read here.


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