GK Review: The Sims 4 (console)

The Sims 4

PC PS4 Xbox One


GK Review: The Sims 4 (console)

GK Review: The Sims 4 (console)

Hi there! Today we bring you a full review of the new “The Sims 4” which is now available for consoles.


The social interactions present in the Sims 4 is one of my favourite new aspects of this latest iteration – there’s a myriad of fun, flirty or mischievous interactions you can sling at potential friends or future woo-hoo partners, but flinging a fun batch of insults at a neighbour you just don’t like the look of is equally as satisfying. It’s telling that developing rivalries and enemies is just as fun a social interaction as curating your friend list in the Sims 4, and it’s key to why dramatic social explosions are so fun to watch and be a part of as you heartlessly play God.

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