GK Review: Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II

PC PS4 Xbox One


GK Review: Star Wars: Battlefront II

GK Review: Star Wars: Battlefront II

Hi fellow gamers! Today we bring you our in depth review of the new “Star Wars: Battlefront II“. Yes I’m sure you’ve read someting in the news regarding this game and its lootboxes but now we bring you the full review without that … well, gambling stuff.


Where Battlefront truly shines is of course in its multiplayer suite. There’s a sizeable chunk of content here, with promises of plenty of free add-ons to come to fill out the package even further. Taking locations and events from all three trilogies (there’s supposedly some Last Jedi stuff hitting very soon to coincide with the new film) is a smart move, as it further cements this game as a dream title for series fans.

Full review, right here.


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