GK Review: MotoGP 18

MotoGP 18

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GK Review: MotoGP 18

GK Review: MotoGP 18

Since summer has started, news is at a very slow pace so why not bring you some more reviews of the hottest & newest games? Our reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at “MotoGP 18” from Milestone.


On track, there are very few differences between this year’s game and last few games in the series. In career, you’ll start with the Red Bull Rookie championship, which features the slowest bikes (and most awful sounding) of all, and helps to act as a sort of tutorial into the game with a shorter 7-race championship. There is an actual tutorial this year as well, although it’s not the best for really new players, acting more as a reminder of the controls for returning players, and an opportunity to see what difficulty settings are right for your skill level.

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