GK Review: WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold



GK Review: WarioWare Gold

GK Review: WarioWare Gold

Hell yeah! Wario is back on the Nintendo 3DS with lots of minigames in “WarioWare Gold” and our GK-reviewer Joe reviewed it.

Here’s more:

Warioware Gold trusses up what could have otherwise been a shameless cash in, with a full-blown, fully voice-acted story about… well, a shameless cash-in. Wario’s out of Pizza money, and to make a quick buck he extorts the easily duped gamers – his words, not mine – into forking over money for mindless microgames. He tricks his ‘friends’ – the colourful cast of characters that have enlivened every Warioware game to date – into creating the games and sits back to watch the coins roll in.

Full review.


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