GK Review: GRIP: Combat Racing

GRIP: Combat Racing

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GK Review: GRIP: Combat Racing

GK Review: GRIP: Combat Racing

Remember the good-old days where ‘Rollcage‘ and ‘Extreme-G‘ were one of your favourite racing games? Well here is our review of “GRIP: Combat Racing“, an old-school racing game, upside down.


What I didn’t know is that some of the game’s creators have been helping the community maintain the game over time, and eventually we come to GRIP, which has had some input from original Rollcage developers. Clearly the IP was unavailable, but GRIP is more than a homage or spiritual successor – it’s basically the same game but with a few modern updates. So, you get 60fps gameplay, a great sense of speed, weapons, and a variety of race types. The game is unashamedly old school, but sometimes things go a little too far (or maybe the budget wouldn’t extend to better?).

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