GK Review: Let’s Sing 2019

Lets Sing 2019

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GK Review: Let’s Sing 2019

GK Review: Let’s Sing 2019

Anybody fancy some karaoke? Well here’s your chance in the newest “Let’s Sing 2019“.


Karaoke games live and die by their setlist, and Just Sing 2019 provides a good one. Its mix of Top 40 tracks – from the likes of Rita Ora, Lorde and Bruno Mars – with some bangers that were more my tempo (and decade) in Queen, ABBA and Bon Jovi, will appeal to a lot of people. Some of these tracks feel a little too drum-and-bass-y – and autotuned – to have a genuine home on a Karaoke game, and indeed they asked a lot of me as an (amateur) crooner, but the wide array of genres will suit almost any party.

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