GK Review: Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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GK Review: Starlink: Battle For Atlas

GK Review: Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Goodmorning fellow gamers! Today we bring you our review of Ubisofts’ new toys-to-life gameStarlink: Battle For Atlas“.

Here’s a snippet:

A lot has been said about Starlink’s presence both physically and digitally. A Toys-to-Life game where the toys are optional? Sacrilege! But whilst everyone’s racing to tell you that you can buy everything a whole lot cheaper if you go digital, I’m here to say something that might seem a bit controversial: the toys are badass. Full disclosure, Ubisoft sent me a bundle of toys to go with the game when I reviewed it, but I can guarantee I’ll be buying the rest that come out – physically.

Full review.

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