GK Review: The Forest

The Forest



GK Review: The Forest

GK Review: The Forest

After a release on PC, survival game “The Forest” has made its way to PlayStation 4. Our reviewer Joe has written a full review of this new exploring survival game.


Following a plane crash on a definitely-not-deserted desert island, your son is taken by the locals – greased up, terrifying, ritualistic savages who wear body parts as armour and make horrifying effigies out of the cabin crew. As far as a narrative goes, that’s it.

To its credit, the game is true to this goal. In your ‘to-do’ list one accomplishment sits above all others: Find Timmy. But accomplishing this goal isn’t quite as straightforward. In my mad dash to rescue my son, I built an entire village from the ground up, cultivated an agricultural monopoly, and murdered about four hundred of the island’s inhabitants.

Full review.


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