GamerKnights welcome new reviewer Billy!

GamerKnights welcome new reviewer Billy!

What a good start of 2019 here at GamerKnights. We welcome our new reviewerBilly” on board!

He will mostly cover console reviews and will also try to post news and other editorials.

Here’s some crucial info 🙂 :

Billy decided, like most middle aged gaming people, to have a control pad and joystick in his hand when he was little, instead of a rattle.

He’s played games for over 30 years, sold them for nearly 20 and has been writing reviews on all things gaming, as well as some articles and editorials here and there, when the little grey cells work at least.

He may own all the modern machines, but Billy’s heart is firmly in retro and modern takes on the old school ways, so Dead Cells is high on his list of current favourites.

Give him a pixel and he’s happy 🙂

Welcome Billy to the GamerKnights crew!


If you want to know more about our ‘Knights’, feel free to check our ‘About Us‘ page.

We’re still looking for more crew members here @ GamerKnights so if you think you’ll suit the job … get in touch with us through our ‘Contact Form’!


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