GK Review: Oninaki


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GK Review: Oninaki

GK Review: Oninaki

Reviewer Joe did a full in depth review of the new JRPG from Square Enix, “Oninaki“.

Here’s some goodness:

Dipping into an alternate reality that seems like a land of the dead, our protagonist Kagachi helps out lost souls. He is what’s known as a Watcher – whose job is to guide these spirits, lest they turn into dangerous monsters after clinging to this mortal coil for longer than they should have, and hopefully lead them to blissful reincarnation. The story of Oninaki reminded me of Lost Odyssey – a big compliment, I can assure you – as we learn about the pasts (and potential futures) of these spirits, and I was engaged and entertained by a lot of what was on offer from a narrative perspective. It also carries that titles depressing tilt, however, so dont expect a whole load of levity from the tale as you progress.

Full review.


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