GK Review: Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal



GK Review: Persona 5 Royal

GK Review: Persona 5 Royal

Hi there fellow gamers. We hope you are still safe & strong in these COVID-19 times!

Since there isn’t much happening lately in terms of ‘interesting news’, we are still busy with bringing you reviews of the latest games.

Today our reviewer Joe has done a full in depth review of the new “Persona 5 Royal” which is now out on PS4.

Here’s a snippet:

Persona 5 isn’t afraid to take control away from the player for vast amounts of playtime, and as such it often feels more like a visual novel than anything else. This would be criminal if the story and its characters weren’t so compelling, but thankfully the cast of misfits and the various social links you can make in the game are all interesting enough to want to stop and chat.

Full review.


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