GK Review: The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II



GK Review: The Last Of Us Part II

GK Review: The Last Of Us Part II

We have just updated our “The Last Of Us Part II” review with extra info.

Here’s a snippet:

The big bet of TLOU 2 for all the friends of the first title, was about writing the sequel and whether the script lightning could hit the same spot twice. Naughty Dog’s great achievement was that it built characters with such strong personalities and attentive relationships that the success of the game depended heavily on writing, to the point that even a top technical field or great gameplay seemed almost secondary. . Therefore, the review faces the insurmountable difficulty that the scenario of TLOU 2 unfolds in such a way that the information we can give without entering into paths of dangerous spoilers is infinitesimal.

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