GK Review: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

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GK Review: Hogwarts Legacy

GK Review: Hogwarts Legacy

Finally! After more than 50 hours of gameplay, we’ve published our review of the new “Hogwarts Legacy” game developed by Avalanche.

Here’s a snippet:

These secrets, throughout the main Campaign, will help to unravel ancient conspiracies and above all to stop the advance of the dangerous Ranrok, a dark imp intent on rekindling the spark of the violent Goblin Revolt that broke out in the eighteenth century. It must be said that the script drafted by Avalanche follows the trappings of a fragmented production: the themes touched by the story undoubtedly reflect the style of the original material, but at the same time they lend themselves to some limits imposed by the gameplay formula.

Full review right here.


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