Gears 5 Review

Gears (Of War): It feels weird talking about Gears without having the “of War” label at the end of the title, it really does. I’ve been a huge fan of it since the start. Hell, I even bought the special edition of the original on Xbox One because I just wanted to go through it with a 60 frame a second refresh (yes, I’m that sad.) The Coalition have gotten their initiation out of the way with the de...[Read More]



RAGE 2 Review

Rage Again: I’ve been around the block for a long time, gaming wise. I was about when Wolfenstein first appeared, and when Doom literally blew the socks off of everyone who saw it with a revolutionary new genre making its first steps into the world. Since then there have been SO MANY first person shooters populating the landscape of gaming that we become lost in the fact that the originators of th...[Read More]



A Plague Tale: Innocence Review

A Plague Tale: Innocence I have had my fair share of strange games in the past. I have to say though, that this one is up there for what it contains. “A Plague Tale: Innocence” has some of the most mental moments I’ve ever seen on a digital level. As this is the intro, I’ m not really going to go into it just yet, but there is a strange vibe about the whole thing. Let me get properly i...[Read More]



Days Gone Review

Days Gone: The zombie apocalypse genre is a bit of a weird one for me. I’ve never really understood why there is such a fascination about it all. I mean, I never liked Dead Rising or any of the sequels and the only one I got any enjoyment from was the fantastic Left 4 Dead 2, which has been crying out for a proper sequel for years. Sony has now given us a single player story based around this etho...[Read More]



LEGO Marvel Collection Review

Marvel: It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was mucking about with a load of LEGO bricks on the PS4 (that’s because it was – Ed) and here we are again, doing that thing that we all do whenever Travellers Tales get something out to market. Bearing in mind though that it is a re-release of all the Marvel games, with the two Super Heroes titles mixed in with the Avengers movie mash up. I...[Read More]



Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

Skies Unknown: Oh, how it has been a long, long time since this was on my HDD. It has been over a decade since Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation came out to a lukewarm reception on PS3, PC and Xbox 360. I remember owning this and thinking that things had been better. Indeed, I looked back to the original Air Combat from the first Playstation and I remembered just how simplistic and enjoyable thing...[Read More]



The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame Review

LEGO Movie 2: Ah, the LEGO games. Years have passed and as much as I thought Traveller’s Tales would have gotten fed up by now, they haven’t. They’re still churning out the brick brawlers on a yearly basis, and if it isn’t broke, you don’t need to fix it. Mind you, you may have to build around it to get the most out of it. I’ve played on more or less every generation LEGO has made it to, from the ...[Read More]



Trials Rising Review

Rising: Now, this is more like the bike racing I’m into. I have been a keen follower of the Trials series since the original Trials HD appeared on the Xbox 360. It has not been the smoothest of rides, it has to be said, but on the initial look, things seem to be picking up again. The last memory I have of it was the abysmal Trials of the Blood Dragon, which really should not have ever happened, so...[Read More]



Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2 Review

Monster Energy Supercross 2: I’m going to be super honest here. I usually avoid most games from Milestone. There is a valid reason for that, and that is usually because they never really set my world on fire when it comes to how the games play. I remember playing some of their wares back in the Xbox 360 days, with things like Ride 2 staying in the brain for being anything but groundbreaking. Miles...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 Closed BETA Preview

The one thing this game didn’t do was divide, as The Division was well received on launch. Can the second one do the same? Billy braved the BETA to find out. I remember when the original Division beta came out and it was at a time when Destiny was the ‘next big thing‘ and had been doing the rounds and Activision and Bungee’s behemoth was starting to become a bit stale. Too much f...[Read More]



Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Review

XXL 2: I have always been a fan of old school platform games. Mario was the side I stuck with as I thought the Sonic games were a little too boring at the time. I know that this may be a bit of controversy, but hear me out. Sonic always looked like it was a straight forward shift from left to right and doing it at a rate of knots. Mario had loads of secrets that not only opened other worlds, but i...[Read More]



The Council – Full Season Review

The Council – Full Release: You know those moments when you see a game’s visuals and you judge it solely on that and then change your mind once you start using the controller? We’ve all done it, and I also know that on most occasions we have to suck it up because it actually does match the initial disappointment. With The Council, I have to say I am genuinely surprised and it does hold your attent...[Read More]

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