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GRIP: Combat Racing game changing Airblades update

Inspired by Rollcage, and in partnership with key development team members from the original Rollcage, GRIP launched in late 2018 to fuel the racing appetite of arcade gamers. A return to the hardcore combat scene of the 90’s, bristling with heavy weapons and packing ferocious speed, the game is an intense, sensory feast. With a dedicated community and player numbers continually growing, GRIP has ...[Read More]

GK Review: LEGO Marvel Collection

Our reviewer Billy did a review of the new “LEGO Marvel Collection“. More: There are two main stories here. One of them is intertwined across two games and the other one is spread across a plethora of movies, covering everything from the main Avengers movies (apart from Endgame, of course) to Thor, Captain America and the Hulk’s silver screen entries, amongst others. Full review.  ...[Read More]



LEGO Marvel Collection

The epic compilation of games brings together LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for the first time in one action-packed package.

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Milestone presents A.N.N.A. based on Neural networks for MotoGP 19

Milestone is proud to introduce A.N.N.A. – Artificial Neural Network Agent – a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks that will enable an incredible level of challenge for players, with smarter and faster opponents that will take advantage of each mistake. MotoGP 19 will be the first Milestone game where A.N.N.A. will debut, on June 6th on PlayStation 4, Xbox On...[Read More]

MotoGP 19

MotoGP 19 celebrates Milestone and its community passion for bikes and races, with unique technological innovations enabling a never-before-seen level of challenge and realism. With MotoGP 19, players can participate in the 2019 season, racing against MotoGP champions, or they can get into the boots of a young rider, climbing ladders from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup to reach the top class.

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