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GamerKnights welcome new reviewer Billy!

What a good start of 2019 here at GamerKnights. We welcome our new reviewer “Billy” on board! He will mostly cover console reviews and will also try to post news and other editorials. Here’s some crucial info 🙂 : Billy decided, like most middle aged gaming people, to have a control pad and joystick in his hand when he was little, instead of a rattle. He’s played games for over 30...[Read More]

Metro Exodus will ship with Photo Mode

 Deep Silver and 4A Games today confirmed that Metro Exodus will feature a Photo Mode, available from day of release on the 15 February for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. “Photo Mode has been one of the most requested features from the Metro community,” said Jon Bloch, Executive Producer at 4A Games. “They’re relatively rare in 1st person shooters, but the team have been determined to make it wo...[Read More]

GK Review: Just Cause 4

To begin 2019 with lots of in depth reviews, we start the new year with our review of the new “Just Cause 4“; starring again Rico Rodriguez. Can it beat the previous game? More: Just Cause has, for the longest time, been about tropical locales overrun by deadly militia, under the tyrannical rule of the dictator-du-jour. Just Cause 4 is no exception. Set in a fictional country called So...[Read More]

Just Cause 4 Videos



Just Cause 4

Set in the fictional South American world of Solis, JUST CAUSE 4 takes the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of tornadoes and other Extreme Weather events. JUST CAUSE 4 has four distinct biomes: Rainforest, Grasslands, Alpine & Desert. With each biome offering its own individual, fully simulated weather event, players will have a truly ...[Read More]

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Happy New Year 2019 from GamerKnights

The entire GamerKnights crew wishes you a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your (gaming) wishes come true in 2019! Enjoy the last day of 2018 and see you next year!    

GK Featured: GamerKnights’ GAME OF THE YEAR 2018

Believe it or not but from Christmas until today, there has be ZERO (0) interesting gaming news! That’s why we decided it would be better to bring you our “GAME OF THE YEAR” list of 2018! Some games in the list might be expected while some others … not. Our GOTY list of 2018 can be read here. Enjoy!    

Feature: GamerKnights Game Of The Year 2018

GamerKnights’ Game Of The Year 2018 2018 wasn’t a great year for me personally, for the world in general, and after 2017’s stellar line-up, it was always unlikely to deliver on the games front too. And for me, this year certainly didn’t live up to the last couple. With Red Dead getting delayed, it seemed like publishers just moved games back into 2019, which certainly looks fairly promising ...[Read More]

Merry Christmas from GamerKnights

In a few hours it’s Christmas Eve! The entire GamerKnights team (Bjorn, Ian & Joe) wishes you all a very merry Christmas! Let’s hope you get that present that you want 🙂 Enjoy the evening with family & friends and …. stay safe and happy gaming!  

GK Review: ARK Park VR (retail)

Our reviewer Joe has done a full review of the retail disc of the new “ARK Park VR” which was released on November 6th. Here’s a snippet: Ark Park proudly boasts its lack of a linear storyline as a selling point, instead opting for players to tackle the park as they see fit. You can roam freely and choose what activities to pursue early on, and whilst the lack of a narrative driv...[Read More]

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