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Extinction Review

Well this is orcward… Extinction was announced with a bit of a fanfare, completely disappeared, then seemingly launched very quickly. Does this bode well for the game? Story: From a narrative perspective, the answer has to be “not really”. The plot is paper thin, and involves a huge race of giants, the “Ravenii” teleporting into the world and destroying it because… they are big and angry? Ravenii ...[Read More]



Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series – Episode 2 – 5 Review

No joke? The first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within had some satisfying puzzle solving and strong gameplay, but didn’t present Telltale’s best storytelling or visual design. How does the rest of the game play out? Story: Whilst Bane, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Catwoman all make appearances throughout the episodes, the clear star of the show is John Doe, who eventually will be revealed as The Jok...[Read More]



Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Review

Rogue One? Assassin’s Creed Rogue may be a title you’ve never heard of. It’s not a mobile port or any other oddity, but rather the game Ubisoft brought to Xbox 360 & PS3 the same year the much-maligned Unity came out. Does it play second fiddle to its French cousin? Story: Rogue was built as a ‘B’ game to Unity, so shares the rough timeline as the previous year’s effort, Black Flag, so that as...[Read More]



Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episodes 2 – 3 – Bonus Review

Storms ahead?: The first episode of Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm was a surprise hit, coming amidst some dismay from fans about core changes to the gameplay, engine and voice cast. Did the rest of the season (episodes 2, 3 plus bonus) live up to the high standards set at the outset? Story: The remaining core episodes continue to focus on the relationship between Chloe and new BFF Rachel Amber,...[Read More]



Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review

Skaven Haven? The first Vermintide was a surprise success, mixing Left4Dead style co-op, but adding in the Warhammer world and making the game more melee focused. Can this sequel build upon what made the original great? Story: Vermintide was never very strong on the story front, and the second game has made little attempt to move things forwards. There’s a cool opening cinematic, and a brief tutor...[Read More]



TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge Review

Time to Man up? Kylotonn have done a more than serviceable job with the WRC license the last couple of years, so how will they fare on two wheels and the daunting task of the 37- mile Isle of Man Tourist Trophy circuit? Story: The Isle of Man TT is a bit of a unique race in motorcycling, and so Kylotonn have struggled to build much of a career around it. There are stage races, and full races on so...[Read More]



Gravel Review

Off road and off target? Milestone are more normally known for their hardcore simulations, so what happens when they try to inject a bit of arcade fun into their games? Story: The career modes in those games are normally quite drab and staid, but if nothing else, Milestone have tried to inject a bit of fun into this game, calling the campaign the ‘off-road masters’ series, where you have to beat a...[Read More]



Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review

Deliver us from debate… “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” is undergoing a bit of scrutiny thanks to the seemingly unpleasant politics and tastes of the game’s director. Politics aside, is the actual game any good? Story: Kingdom Come, unlike the vast majority of other RPGs that you may try and compare against, is not set in a fantasy world, but early 15th Century Bohemia, during a real-life ...[Read More]



Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame Review

Makes you super cross? Bike racing isn’t on my personal sports radar all that much (I prefer 4 wheels, thanks for asking), but I guess it must be popular, with Ride 2, Moto GP, MXGP, Superbike and various Road-rash style games all being released in the last 12 months. Can “Monster Energy Supercross” make a splash in a crowded genre? Story: Fans expecting anything other than one of Mile...[Read More]



UFC 3 Review

The GOAT or just a bit sheepish? It seems a long time ago since Dana White, UFC president, proclaimed he’d never work with EA. Like the THQ games of old though, the EA offering have looked superb whilst never offering gameplay to match. Is this the game to break with tradition? Story: Like FIFA and Madden, there’s a career mode to UFC 3, although it’s not got quite the same level of detail to it a...[Read More]

Sea Of Thieves Closed BETA Preview

Sea of Thieves closed beta impressions Rare is a developer I have a lot of history with. As a mid-thirties gamer, I grew up with their late SNES and N64 output, which are fondly remembered as some of the best games of all time. Whilst Rare Replay may have helped introduce the developer to a new audience, for many, they will be a bit of an unknown force.Thankfully, Sea of Thieves seems to have the ...[Read More]




Problems Unknown? PUBG is a phenomenon. If you don’t know what this previously PC-only battle-royale game is by now, you must have spent 2017 under a rock, given it has sold over 17 million copies. But can this complex PC shooter ever work well on a console? Gameplay: PUBG is a pretty complex game, combining 3rd and 1st person elements with scavenging, inventory management, exploration, driving an...[Read More]

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