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Fortnite Season 5 now available!

Is there anything bigger in the world of gaming right now than Fortnite? After taking the world by storm, Epic’s free-to-play Battle Royale game moves to version / season 5 today! There’s also a season pass to buy for 950 V Bucks should you want all the little extras that Epic throws in – but it is of course, optional. There’s also a new golf buggy type vehicle and several ...[Read More]

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to get multiple multiplayer betas

Like Call of Duty? Excited by the prospect of a Battle Royale mode? Well you’ll be in luck, regardless of which platform you play on, because Activision and Treyarch have announced that Black Ops 4 is getting a beta. Actually, several of them! The full schedule looks something like this: 1: PlayStation 4 exclusive which begins on August 3rd at 6pm BST/10am PDT, and ends on August 6th at 6pm ...[Read More]



The Crew 2 Review

More Americarna? Ivory Tower’s first racing game had a crazy cross-America police storyline and an amazing map, but was let down by some lacklustre handling. What does this sequel, some 4 years later, do to right the wrongs of the first game? Welcome to The Crew 2. Story: The development team have very much chosen to stick with America for their sophomore effort, but this sequel bears no resemblan...[Read More]



Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Review

Too inquisitive? Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr has been in early access for some time, and initial reports from this lengthily-titled Games Workshop product weren’t exactly super positive. But does the finished product live up to some of the promising early trailers? Story: Inquisitor Martyr makes good use of the 40K license, with a pretty epic start to the storyline as you come across the float...[Read More]



Mario Tennis Aces Review

Ace up its sleeve? Mario Tennis has been a real favourite of mine since right back when the series launched on the N64, and the GBA title is one of the best sports titles of all time. But after a lacklustre Wii U game, does Aces being the game back to the top-tier? Story: From a plot perspective, there’s plenty to like, with a delightfully silly tale about how Luigi is corrupted by Wario and Walui...[Read More]



MotoGP 18 Review

Year 18: The Moto GP series has had some highs and lows under the stewardship of Italian developers Milestone, who are one of the most prolific studios out there. Where does Moto GP fit into the mix? Story: Last year’s manager mode has unsurprisingly been thrown completely out of the window, replaced by a more detailed career mode that ruthlessly steals all of its ideas from the Codemasters F1 gam...[Read More]



The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review

More than the summ of its parts? The Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t exactly an enticing prospect when it first launched. It required you buying a box and paying a monthly fee at a time when premium MMOs weren’t exactly flavour of the month. But over the years, with a model that no longer requires a monthly fee, and huge amounts of new content with Morrowind and now Summerset having been added, how ha...[Read More]



Tennis World Tour Review

World poor? Tennis games used to be two-a-penny, but it’s been years since anyone tried to put out a game in the genre. Will BigBen be able to capitalise on an empty market with their new title “Tennis World Tour” ? Story: You start the game by creating your character, although unfortunately the actual creator is very basic indeed, with just a few presets faces and bodies to choose fro...[Read More]



Agony Review

Agony to play? “Agony” has been in a sort of development hell for a number of years, with several different concepts being shown off that looked like almost completely different games. Is the finished product hellish or heavenly? Read on to find out! Story: Agony’s storyline is quite confusing, and is mostly exposed through a number of collectibles you pick up along the way and some FM...[Read More]



Impact Winter Review

Meaningful Impact? In Impact Winter, the clock is always ticking as you try to survive a post-apocalyptic winter. But can this survival game with a timer mechanic thrown in make a meaningful impact upon this crowded genre? Story: Impact Winter gives away very little as to why the outside is now called ‘The Void’, and what has happened to create this desolate snow-scape which has covered skyscraper...[Read More]



Conan Exiles Review

Hy-boring-an Age?? “Conan Exiles” is one of the few survival games to actually exit early access and see a full retail release. Can this fantasy take on the once popular genre make a splash at retail? Story: Despite the Conan universe having a rich lore, which has been explored in various books, comics and movies for decades, Exiles feels like it fails completely to make the most of th...[Read More]



Extinction Review

Well this is orcward… Extinction was announced with a bit of a fanfare, completely disappeared, then seemingly launched very quickly. Does this bode well for the game? Story: From a narrative perspective, the answer has to be “not really”. The plot is paper thin, and involves a huge race of giants, the “Ravenii” teleporting into the world and destroying it because… they are big and angry? Ravenii ...[Read More]

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