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Fable Fortune Review

Fortune favours the bold? With no numbered Fable game in the works, does this CCG get you a good fix of humour and style from Albion to keep you tided over? Gameplay: Fable Fortune plays very much like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, borrowing many of the classic gameplay elements. Rather than mana, you have gold to spend on playing cards, which grows over each round. Many cards can’t be playe...[Read More]



Constructor Review

Constructive Criticism: 20 years on, the first thing that Constructor HD made me feel was old. But I was a big fan of the original as a teenager, does this PC classic still hold up though? Gameplay: Even in 1997, Constructor was pretty unusual in not offering any missions or a structured campaign. Instead, there are a number of different scenarios and win conditions available, which can be played ...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky 1.3 update makes it the game you always wanted

A huge update has dropped for No Man’s Sky, a year after it was first released. The game was an unfortunate disappointment and failed to live up to expectations upon launch. Developer Hello Games were even on the receiving end of death threats, and everything went quiet for a really long time. The small UK studio has been quietly hard at work on delivering on some of those original promises,...[Read More]

Battlefield 1 now available free on EA Access & Origin

EA Access has always been a pretty good deal. However, there’s one more reason to buy in from today. The £4 per month/ £20 per year service now includes the rather excellent Battlefield 1. I reviewed the game last year and found it to be an excellent addition to the series, despite the move back in time and the struggle to be historically accurate. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront though, this i...[Read More]

Artifact announced by Valve

After years of waiting, Valve has finally announced their new game! It’s Half… no, wait. Sorry. It’s Artifact! Artifact is a spin-off CCG from the DOTA universe, which in itself was spun off from Warcraft, which now has Hearthstone as it’s CCG. Artifact is entering a crowded market, with Fable Fortune and Gwent in Early Access, whilst Magic The Gathering games continue to b...[Read More]

Zlatan Ibrahimović to star in improbable space game

So, in the second bizarre piece of news today, I’ve learnt that Swedish football ace Zlatan Ibrahimović not only owns his own mobile game developer, but that their last game stars Zlatan himself. Out August 17th, the modestly titled “Zlatan Legends” seems to ape Iron Man. Oh, and it’s set in space. That’s right, space. There isn’t a football in sight in the trai...[Read More]

Tempest 4000 announced by Atari

In the surprise news of the day, Atari has announced Tempest 4000 is coming to PC and consoles later this year?!? Atari, who had seemed to be mostly hard at work putting their logo into Blade Runner 2049 and making the Ataribox, have announced the game with no screenshots or video, at all. However, interested players won’t have long to wait with more coverage promised at Gamescom later this ...[Read More]



MotoGP 17 Review

Seeing Rossi? Last year’s MotoGP game, a celebration of the career of Valentino Rossi, was one of the best games on 2 wheels in many years. Can Milestone keep the momentum up this year? Story: Unfortunately, there’s none of the content from the Rossi modes last year, which also means that dirt bikes have been removed. What’s been added though, is an interesting looking ‘manager’ mode. Anyone looki...[Read More]



Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Review

Grid Based Greatness: It’s crazy to think that only a few short years ago Fire Emblem was on the brink of extinction. After 2012’s planned swan song – Fire Emblem Awakening – blew up and reignited everyones interest in the series again, we’re positively swimming in new titles on a multitude of devices – and I couldn’t be happier. It’s strangely brave then that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are ...[Read More]



DiRT 4 Review

The Real McRae? The DiRT series of games, and the Colin McRae games which preceded them, have been some of my favourite racing games of the last two decades. But after a 6 year absence from numbered games, has the DiRT series run out of fuel? Story: I’ve moaned time and time again that the official WRC games fail to convey the sense that you’re actually building up a career. I started to wonder wh...[Read More]



RiME Review

Riming bland? Journey was a huge, smash hit, and it’s no surprise to see a number of games trying to emulate its success. Games like Abzu have generally provided a similar experience, without necessarily the sales to back it up. Can “RiME” break through and provide quality and success? Story: Rime certainly doesn’t break much from the genre tropes though. There’s no audio logs, no sign...[Read More]



Tokyo 42 Review

Tokyo 47? Part Syndicate, part Hotline Miami, part Hitman. And style, in buckets. Is Tokyo 42 a new indie darling for 2017? Story: SMAC games certainly don’t beat around the bush. Within seconds, you’re on live TV, accused of a brutal murder, police bearing down on your apartment. Escaping thrusts you into the life of a future assassin for hire, as you hilariously have to work your way to clearing...[Read More]

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