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Tokyo 42 Review

Tokyo 47? Part Syndicate, part Hotline Miami, part Hitman. And style, in buckets. Is Tokyo 42 a new indie darling for 2017? Story: SMAC games certainly don’t beat around the bush. Within seconds, you’re on live TV, accused of a brutal murder, police bearing down on your apartment. Escaping thrusts you into the life of a future assassin for hire, as you hilariously have to work your way to clearing...[Read More]



MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame Review

Moto Dross? Another year, another MXGP game from Milestone. But with a switch to Unreal 4, is there a massive boost to the graphics or realism? Story: Milestone’s usual format to the career continues, starting you off in the junior MX2 class with your own team, allowing you to either take it to the top or earn a drive at an official team (the game has the full MXGP and MX2 licenses) in your quest ...[Read More]



Little Nightmares Review

Little to like? “Little Nightmares” clearly takes some themes and inspiration from Inside and Limbo, but can it live up to those fantastic indie games? Story: Little Nightmares has you play as Six, a small, yellow-anoraked child, who wakes up in some dystopian hell factory/ prison, and tries to escape from their surroundings. Like the sources of inspiration, there’s no ‘story’ per se, ...[Read More]



The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 3 – 5 Review

The Final Frontier? I really liked the first couple of episodes of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Can the remaining three episodes live up to expectations 6 months on? Getting back into the series was hard enough, thanks to Telltale’s slightly odd release policy. After the dual release of episodes 1 & 2, it then took over three months for episode 3 to arrive, followed by 4 & 5 about 6 weeks...[Read More]



Prey Review

Yu Got Mail: I have a lot of fondness for the original Prey. It was the review that got me the job at Gamerknight’s predecessor site, PlayDevil. 11 years on, and a failed sequel later, can Arkane pick up what Human Head left and successfully reboot the series? Story: Arkane waste no time in letting you know that this game has nothing in common with native American Tommy’s brush with aliens in Prey...[Read More]



Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Review

Prime Marks? I make no bones about it, Dawn of War 2 is my favourite strategy game of all time, expertly blending tactics with RPG elements, whilst taking place in the evocative Warhammer 40K universe. Can Dawn of War 3 ever live up to my expectations? Story: Certainly, Relic have taken the right approach by continuing to tell the story of the Blood Ravens, one of the Blood Angels successor chapte...[Read More]



Yooka-Laylee Review

Epic-Failee? 3D Platformers have never really gone away, but they have certainly receded into the background. Can Playtonic games, featuring many of Rare’s best talent from the 1990’s revitalise the genre with this glossy homage to Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64? Story: “Yooka-Laylee” tells the tale of Yooka and Laylee, a lizard and bat pairing, whose magic book is stolen by the dast...[Read More]



Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Hot shots? Competition is hotting up in the world of tactical, slower-paced shooters. CI Games are back with their latest sniping game, but following hot on the heels of the excellent Sniper Elite 4, can “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3” stack up against the competition? Story: Ghost Warrior’s story is unfortunately really underwhelming. There’s a lengthy cut-scene at the start, introducing tw...[Read More]



Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition Review

The sky’s the limit? City building games used to be huge business a few years ago, before dropping completely off the radar. Cities Skylines aims to change all that, but can the complex management controls ever work on a gamepad? Gameplay: Simulation games have certainly been tried on console before, going way back to C&C on the PS1 and N64. But mostly they’ve been muddy visually a...[Read More]

Nintendo discontinues NES Classic :(

You’ve probably never been able to get your hands on one, unless you’ve paid over the odds on eBay, but Nintendo are already stopping production of the NES Classic. The tiny console, that came bundled with a great selection of 30 classic NES games has been hot property ever since it came out, with Nintendo failing to keep up with demand. Nintendo put out the following statement to IGN:...[Read More]

Switch becomes Nintendo’s fastest selling console!

The Nintendo Switch continues to do absolute gangbusters for a Nintendo in desperate need of good news. Fresh after stellar sales news in Europe, Nintendo has announced that the Switch has sold a flabbergasting 906,000 consoles in March in the good ol’ US of A. Amazingly, 925,000 copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild were sold, meaning an attach rate of over 100%! Apparently with the tasty US ...[Read More]



Kona Review

Canadian Goose? Kona was Kickstarted aeons ago, and has finally been released in 2017. With so many survival and adventure games released in the meantime, is it even relevant anymore? Story: Kona is certainly a bit different though. Carl Faubert, your character, is a PI called into a remote village by a wealthy friend, ostensibly to investigate some vandalism. However, one car crash and a murder l...[Read More]

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