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Detective Pikachu Review

Elementary my dear Goodman: After seemingly hundreds of games starring the little electric mouse we’ve all grown to love, he finally has a voice. Pikachu, the surprising star sleuth of Detective Pikachu, is a different beast to the excitable, high-pitched incarnations we’ve seen before. Here he’s a sarcastic, world-weary detective and somehow – against all the odds – it just works. Story: Tim Good...[Read More]



Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review

Yakuza: Long-time fans of the Yakuza series are likely a little floored with the sudden new rush of releases in the West. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that each new entry into the series would bring with it a three or four year wait to see if it would even come West. With the release of Yakuza 6, and the recent announcement of Kiwami 2 for August of this year, we’ll have seen four mainline gam...[Read More]



Kirby Star Allies Review

Kirby: “Kirby Star Allies” is a very typical Nintendo game – cute, fun and polished to the nth degree. It doesn’t do anything new but, then again, it really doesn’t need to. The Kirby formula of sucking things up and stealing their powers is as fun here as it’s ever been, and whilst it never reaches the highs of Return to Dreamland, it’s still a stellar instalment in an absolutely char...[Read More]



Far Cry 5 Review

Thank the Father: You can probably make a pretty safe bet whether Far Cry 5 is for you. If you had any amount of fun with Far Cry 3 or 4, or the strange-but-welcome Far Cry Primal, you’ll dig what’s here. Far Cry 5, despite its seemingly controversial set-up, is one of gaming’s safest bets – and that’s a great thing. In an industry defined by disappointing sequels, it’s great to have a series you ...[Read More]



Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

Burnout: Within minutes of booting up Burnout Paradise Remastered I was having grin-inducing fun. Ten years on from its original release Paradise can’t be the revelation it was then, but instead this remastered version acts as a wake-up call to an industry that seems to be resting on its laurels when it comes to arcade racers: how come a ten year old game has gone unchallenged as one of the best f...[Read More]



Scribblenauts Showdown Review

Get Scribbling: I remember being very impressed when I first played Scribblenauts many years ago – its trademark hook of typing anything you wanted and seeing it conjured into the game world stunned me. When its sequel allowed you to add adjectives to these creations to even further the ridiculous amount of puzzle-solving action I was appropriately awe-struck – but I did wonder where the series co...[Read More]



Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

Intro: ‘Radiant Historia‘ was one of my favourite games on the original DS. As a lover of time travel, JRPGs and, by default, Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia felt like a dream I’d been waiting far too long to come true. Now, seven years after that original release, the title has received an all new version to bring it up to modern standards, lavish a bucketload of extras onto it and g...[Read More]



Bayonetta Collection Review

Long Hair & Lollipops: Aah, the age old battle between Angels and … witches? It might not be as synonymous a rivalry as the one that likely came to your mind, but this war Bayonetta is waging is quickly becoming a Nintendo staple. If you’d told me that seven years ago, when I first played the first Bayonetta, I’d have probably laughed in your face – Platinum Games latest hack’n’slasher was abo...[Read More]



Metal Gear Survive Review

Survive: At the beginning of Metal Gear Survive, members of Mother Base have to defend their home against attacking XOF soldiers whilst their commander, Big Boss, is painfully absent. After the years of drama surrounding Kojima’s departure from Konami, I don’t think I have to spell out the symbolism here. It’s a theme that carries on throughout Survive, trying to do right by an absent leader and, ...[Read More]



Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

Dynasty Warriors: I know I’m not the only one who had begun suffering from Warriors-fatigue. Despite absolutely loving Hyrule Warriors and Musou games in general, my love for the formula had begun to wane. When I heard about the big changes coming to Dynasty Warriors 9, I got excited. A drastic reinvention was exactly what this series needed. Having now put a lot of time into Tecmo Koei’s latest b...[Read More]



Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Review

Intro: When I saw French-Bread were developing the ludicrously titled Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st] (a game which I’ll be referring to as ‘Latest’ for the rest of the review, for the sake of my sanity) I was very excited. I knew the name from the Melty Blood series, one of my favourite 2D fighters of all time. Their clean, crisp pixel art and smart, deep fighters of the past were fantastic, so...[Read More]



Lost Sphear Review

Lost Sphear: Lost Sphear is a new game from Tokyo RPG Factory that can sometimes feel a little too similar to what’s come before, and whilst this adherence to the past occasionally hamstrings some of its fresher ideas it still delivers a fun title for RPG fans. Story: Lost Sphear is a story about a hero trying to restore life and memory to a world that has seemingly forgotten itself. Empty white v...[Read More]

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