The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ‘Beautiful World’ Video

Developer CD Projekt Red has just released a new video called “Beautiful World” from their massive top game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. In case you were still wondering if this game is worthy buying, give our in depth review a good read. More info on ‘Beautiful World’ trailer: In the open world of Wild Hunt, you chart your own path to adventure. You play as a bo...[Read More]

New Batman Arkham Knight images

We received some very new “Batman Arkham Knight” screens from Warner Bros and they look pretty amazing! Check them out on our “Batman Arkham Knight Images” page of the game main HUB page.        

Mad Max Savage Road Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today unveiled the Mad Max Savage Road Trailer, showing Max who is left for dead as his cherished Interceptor is stolen by the merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus and his warboys. Max must rebuild a powerful new war machine to escape the deadly Wasteland and can only do that with the aid of his quirky sidekick and expert mechanic, Chumbu...[Read More]

Full details on upcoming Project CARS v1.3 Xbox One patch

Slightly Mad Studios has announced details for a patch (version 1.3) to the Xbox One version of Project CARS. The full patch notes are below: Project CARS – Xbox One Patch 1.3 – Fixed Issues Gamepad Controllers: * Added ABS brake rumble to Xbox One triggers, so that the triggers will rumble on losing traction when braking. The amount of trigger rumble is controlled together with Force Feedba...[Read More]

GK Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hi there. Sorry for the lack of updates but we’re making it up with our in depth review of the new Witcher game, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. Here’s a snippet: The Witcher 3 is a vast, expansive game set in a vast, expansive world. The mechanics underlying combat, levelling, crafting and adventuring truly match the giant scope of the game. It’s for this reason that the Witch...[Read More]

Kalypso Announces Next Tropico 5 Expansion – Espionage

Kalypso has announced the next major content expansion for Tropico 5, “Espionage”. ‘Espionage’ will be available globally on 28th May for PC, Mac, and SteamOS, with the Xbox 360 and PS4 versions arriving later. “Espionage’ features the all new campaign ‘The Maltese Toucan’, a thrilling new adventure wherein Tropico’s precious treasures need to be protected against foreign agents at all...[Read More]

GK Preview: DiRT Rally ‘Early Access’

Good morning. Today our reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at Codemasters’ new ‘early access’ racing game “DiRT Rally“. More: Dirt Rally may be ‘early access’, but the game isn’t particularly thin on the ground when it comes to content. There’s 36 stages at the minute, and 17 cars from a host of different rallying eras, from the Mini Coopers of the 1960s to Group B ...[Read More]

Need For Speed Announce Teaser Trailer

EA has just released the “announce teaser” trailer for their new racing game “Need For Speed”.  

EA announces new Need For Speed game

Ghost Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, announced today the return of Need for Speed in a full reboot of this storied franchise. The game delivers on what the fans want, and what Need for Speed stands for – deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game. “Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names i...[Read More]

Project CARS developer clarification on using AMD GPUs

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has just released some more information regarding the erroneous information posted on Reddit and other websites that has spread misinformation with regards to Project CARS’ performance on systems using AMD GPUs. Here’s more: To correct the wrongful assumptions regarding Project CARS’ performance on AMD GPUs, the MADNESS engine and the degree of inv...[Read More]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Official Launch Trailer

Today is a big game for a lot of gamers since one of the most anticipated games of 2015, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is OUT on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Expect a full in depth review of this fantastic open world game real soon on GK. For the launch, the developer CD Projeckt RED has released the official launch trailer.

GK Let’s Play: Broken Age (PS4)

GamerKnights is playing the new point & click adventure game “Broken Age” on PlayStation 4 from legendary developer Double Fine. Read our full review how good or bad the full game is!

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