Extinction Review

Extinction has some interesting premises, but is let down by inconsistent difficulty and ultimately repetitive gameplay.


The 7 chapters of the game will take 8-10 hours for you to get through, and there are a few other modes too, but they all rely on the same principles. You’ll find the game quickly becomes repetitive, and even the appearance of a few other enemy types and the skill tree don’t do enough to change up the gameplay.


Extinction has a nice art style, with good use of colours, decent character designs, and towns and villages which evoke visions of a dreamy Mediterranean medieval existence before it was shattered by the Ravenii. The monster designs, particularly the Jackals, are less interesting, and there’s also too few models and animations, especially when compared to the larger Ravenii, that differ in size, features, colour and armour. The game runs well, but I don’t believe there are any Xbox One X enhancements. Therefore, on our 4K OLED reference set, the game can occasionally look a little washed out and blurry.

The sound is very average, with dialogue and voice actors that sound cheap at best, and phoned-in at worst; there’s also too few lines for events like death, so you will hear a lot of repetition. The sound effects are fine, and there’s very little music. Overall, it’s not a great aural experience.



Extinction isn’t a terrible game, but it lacks the polish of a modern +60 game. The story is too light, the gameplay doesn’t have enough variety, and the execution of the procedurally generated levels isn’t good enough. There’s a certain charm to the game, and it’s never actively poor, but it fails to excite or impress enough to make it a worthwhile purchase, especially when Attack on Titan can no doubt be picked up for less. As a budget release, I’d take less of an issue, but there are too many high quality, content-rich games out there to spend +60 euro on this.


  • Large maps
  • Visual style


  • Procedurally generated missions
  • Repetitive


Story - 6
Graphics - 7
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 6
Value - 7
Ian - GK
Editor - Reviewer GamerKnights

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