Most in-depth Nintendo Switch Hardware Review

Kyoto Kids: Nintendo aren’t your typical console makers. Whilst they’ve always been a force to be reckoned with – especially when it comes to their fantastic first party games – they’ve recently seemed to exist in a market separate from the console w...[Read More]


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Synology DS1815+ Review

A Network Attached Storage: A ‘network attached storage‘  system or better NAS is in fact extra storage that can be added to your local network. (Personal) Movies, files, photos, music, you name it … everything can be storaged to yo...[Read More]

Feature: PlayStation 4 Unveiling Impressions

So, the PlayStation 4 was finally unveiled on the 20th February. Staying up pretty late to watch the livestream, I’m writing this feeling ever-so-slightly knackered. Was it worth staying up until 1:15am to watch? Well, disappointingly, but totally un...[Read More]

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