GRIP: Combat Racing Review

Fighting against gravity? Somehow, I remember Rollcage quite fondly, despite not remembering what platform I may have played it on, and despite definitely spending more time with Wipeout and Extreme G as a kid. Does this spiritual successor get it ri...[Read More]



The World Ends with You: Final Remix Review

The World Ends With You: The World Ends With You was one of my favourite Nintendo DS games. Its Japanese setting was a blast, its strange story about death was compelling and its characters were… well, we’ll get to that. But it was in its completely ...[Read More]



Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

I want to be a cowboy: Red Dead Redemption was, for the longest time, my favourite Rockstar game. As much as I love the GTA series – and some of the team’s more experimental games such as Bully and Table Tennis – there’s just something about their ta...[Read More]



Starlink: Battle for Atlas Review

Toys-to-Life Beyond the Stars: Starlink feels like a product that feels raring to go. Ubisoft haven’t really messed with the whole Toys-to-Life genre before (I’m still mad that their amazing Mario/Rabbids toys weren’t Amiibos!!) and yet here they are...[Read More]



Space Hulk: Tactics Review

Tactical Error? Space Hulk is one of Games Workshop’s most iconic settings, and it should probably be of little surprise that there have been 4 games in recent memory bearing the title. But after the disappointment of Vermintide-style Space Hulk Deat...[Read More]



Fire Pro Wrestling World Review


Fire Pro Wrestling World: When the classic wrestling catchphrase is screamed out, “Let’s get ready to rumble”, I don’t think many fans realize just how much preparation goes in to getting ready to rumble. What the Fire Pro Wrestling series has always...[Read More]



Super Mario Party Review

It’s-a-party-time: I feel like Mario Party lost its way throughout the ten games that preceded this one. As the numbers crept up the games felt a little bloated and confused, oftentimes wasting far too much of your time as you tried to screw over you...[Read More]



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Black Marks? People have been talking about Call of Duty dropping single player from the modes available for years and years and years. Well, you finally got what you wished for, and instead you get treble the zombies maps and a new battle royale mod...[Read More]



Forza Horizon 4 Review

Somewhere, over the Horizon…? ‘Forza Horizon 4‘ races onto the scene after some increasingly confident DLC for Horizon 3, although the main series has struggled to make forward steps for a couple of iterations now. Does a change of scener...[Read More]



Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review

War Never Changes: I was a huge fan of the original Valkyria Chronicles and its unique brand of strategy RPG when it came to PS3 a decade ago. I was less of a fan as it moved to PSP for its sequel and, finally, even less of one when the third title n...[Read More]

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