Tokyo 42 Review

Tokyo 47? Part Syndicate, part Hotline Miami, part Hitman. And style, in buckets. Is Tokyo 42 a new indie darling for 2017? Story: SMAC games certainly don’t beat around the bush. Within seconds, you’re on live TV, accused of a brutal murder, police ...[Read More]



Disgaea 5 Complete Review

Game of (Porcelain) Thrones: “Disgaea 5 Complete” is an unbelievably content-rich package for Nintendo’s new portable console, and is an important genre ‘get’ for the Switch. In 2015, when Disgaea 5 was first released, I called it a ‘worr...[Read More]



MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame Review

Moto Dross? Another year, another MXGP game from Milestone. But with a switch to Unreal 4, is there a massive boost to the graphics or realism? Story: Milestone’s usual format to the career continues, starting you off in the junior MX2 class with you...[Read More]



Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Review

Guilty No More: Guilty Gear was the fighter du jour of my adolescent years. As I got older, however, and tried to move away from button mashing and into something more purposeful, I realized I simply don’t have the skill to play the complicated fight...[Read More]



Little Nightmares Review

Little to like? “Little Nightmares” clearly takes some themes and inspiration from Inside and Limbo, but can it live up to those fantastic indie games? Story: Little Nightmares has you play as Six, a small, yellow-anoraked child, who wake...[Read More]



Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Review

No relation: ‘Victor Vran‘ is a game I’ve had on my Steam wishlist for a couple years now, but I’ve always passed it up in sales because I’ve been disillusioned by the genre of late. ARPGs have struggled to overcome the legacy of Diablo I...[Read More]



The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 3 – 5 Review

The Final Frontier? I really liked the first couple of episodes of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Can the remaining three episodes live up to expectations 6 months on? Getting back into the series was hard enough, thanks to Telltale’s slightly odd rel...[Read More]



Akiba’s Beat Review


And the Beat goes on: Despite it’s stumbles, I enjoyed Akiba’s Trip when it came out a few years ago. When I heard the game was getting a music-orientated psuedo-sequel in Akiba’s Beat, I was quietly excited – even if you can’t strip sexy vampires to...[Read More]



Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Review

Can you go another round? Sure-you-can: ‘Street Fighter II‘ is one of those titles that gets ported to pretty much any console imaginable, new or old. It’s a solid game and one well deserving of this almost ritualistic homage, but your mi...[Read More]



Strafe Review

Doomed? “STRAFE” is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It has a great look and has enjoyed one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen in years. STRAFE has a lot going for it, but does it deliver in the areas it counts...[Read More]

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