Planet Alpha Review

Planet Beta? ‘Planet Alpha‘ is the latest 2D indie side-scrolling platformer, this time from the minds of some former IO developers (the Hitman team). Does this sci-fi adventure, made by a tiny team from Denmark, do enough to tickle my ta...[Read More]



V-Rally 4 Review

V-Really good? V-Rally 99 for N64 was my first rally game nearly 20 years ago, although Sega Rally had been a huge arcade favourite of mine. From a home perspective though, it was the game that has seen me play countless off-road games over the years...[Read More]



Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review


One of the Greats: Thanks to a recent resurgence of Western support for the Yakuza series, the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu – the most loveable gangster around – has never been better. In just a couple of years he’s been trotted out for no less than fo...[Read More]



Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

They think it’s all UEFA, it is now…: ‘Pro Evolution Soccer‘ has always struggled to get the licenses of juggernaut FIFA. But losing the Champions League and UEFA cup is arguably a body blow that Konami will struggle to recover from. Is P...[Read More]



We Happy Few XB1 Review

Joy to the World? ‘We Happy Few‘ first got an audience many years ago, but after launching in Early Access as yet another survival game, it went into hibernation for nearly two years before emerging as more of a Bioshock style of game. Wa...[Read More]



Guacamelee! 2 Review

Guacamelee!: The original Guacamelee turned out to be a surprise favourite of mine when it launched in 2013. A fresh twist on my most beloved genre – the Metroidvania – Guacamelee infused it with Mexican flavour, packed it with irreverent humour and ...[Read More]



Shenmue I & II Review

An Aging Classic: When it was first released on the Sega Dreamcast nearly twenty years ago, Shenmue and its sequel were a revalation. The series are two of the most influential and important 3D games ever made, and at the time they blew people away. ...[Read More]



F1 2018 Review

More Brawn? F1 2017 was a smart evolution on an already great game. Is it time for Codemasters to rest on their laurels and pump out livery and track updates only? Story: Codemasters have taken note of the visual changes to F1 that new owners Liberty...[Read More]



WarioWare Gold Review


Wario: ‘WarioWare‘ has always been a stark, fresh experiment into just what constitutes a ‘videogame’, throwing endless micro-games at the player to be understood and bested in just a handful of seconds. To be able to distil the essence o...[Read More]



Go Vacation Review

Vacation: I remember when I first laid eyes on Go Vacation and mistook it for more Wii shovelware. I also remember seeing it subsequently sold out everywhere I went following its release. Go Vacation might have looked like a soulless waggle-filled ca...[Read More]

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