Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Review

Takes you to breaking point? Ghost Recon Wildlands was a massive success, so surely this sequel, coming a couple of years later, will be an easy win for Ubisoft? Story: One of the issues with Wildlands was the controversy around the “real world” sett...[Read More]



FIFA 20 Review

High Volta-ge? The Journey is over and Volta is “king” – but does the addition of street football add to the ever-burgeoning world of FIFA or is it another gimmick? Story: “The Journey” is over, and the Volta story mode that replaces it is a massive ...[Read More]



Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Review

Yooka-Laylee: As a diehard Banjo fan, I was ridiculously excited when Playtonic – a company made up of former Rare developers – was formed, with the mission statement to bring back the platforming golden age. Their debut, Yooka-Laylee, was good but s...[Read More]



Indivisible Review

Divide By Zero: It feels like forever ago I was playing Indivisible’s early access demo. I remember being simultaneously wowed and worried by the frantic RPG action that felt like the videogame equivalent of spinning plates. But this was Lab Ze...[Read More]



Gears 5 Review

Gears (Of War): It feels weird talking about Gears without having the “of War” label at the end of the title, it really does. I’ve been a huge fan of it since the start. Hell, I even bought the special edition of the original on Xbox One because I ju...[Read More]



Man Of Medan Review

Man Of Medan: First episode of a horror / narrative game saga, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is eagerly awaited by fans of the genre. After the very good Until Dawn, released in 2015 exclusively on PlayStation 4, Supermassive Games has de...[Read More]



The Surge 2 Review

The Surge 2: After releasing the fun, flawed but most of all promising Lords of the Fallen back in 2014, I knew Deck13 were a developer worth keeping an eye on. They swiftly followed that title – clearly inspired by Dark Souls as it was – with anothe...[Read More]



Contra: Rogue Corps Review

Contra: Contra is a great series with a great lineage. The same used to be said of Konami, but now everyone arbitrarily hates them in the same way we hated EA not so long ago, so it was no surprise to me to see their latest effort met with critical d...[Read More]



The Bard’s Tale 4: Director’s Cut Review

Bard’s Fail? The Bard’s Tale games were well received dungeon crawlers from the classic era for the genre – the 1980’s. Despite a brief excursion into action RPGs in 2005, can the series be revived after nearly 29 years since the 3rd game in the fran...[Read More]



GreedFall Review

Greedfall: Spiders are a really fun company to follow. They consistently make games you wouldn’t expect a studio of their size to achieve, and they usually have a pulse – a heart – that AAA games often lack, where a big team means that no voice...[Read More]

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