Just Cause 4 Review

Let’s Get Silly.


If you played that game as much as I did, however, you won’t find too much here that you’re not overly used to. The storm dynamic is cool but underutilized, offering some crazy visuals but little in the way of actually shaking things up in meaningful ways. I do wish that Avalanche were willing to get a little riskier, and even look to the phenomenal mods released for past titles, to inspire a new direction for the series.


Just Cause 4 looks fantastic, sacrificing little in the way of fidelity at the altar on the unmitigated visual spectacle that is occurring throughout ninety percent of play. The bombastic effects when taking down a base to the stomach-churning rush of maximum-velocity-wingsuit-shenanigans are all great too, and whilst I found a couple of weird glitches during my playthrough they never impacted the experience in a meaningful way.

It sounds great too, with some decent (if hammy) voice acting and rich, vibrant sound effects. The music is Hollywood-dumb but also Hollywood-fun, scoring your destruction with an adrenaline fuelled, if utterly forgettable, soundtrack.



Just Cause 4‘ doesn’t mess with the unbroken. It’s an impressive feat of engineering and a polished experience that has been fine-tuned over the series’ history, but I do wish Avalanche were willing to be more risky with the franchise. Mods were able to breathe new life into the series nearly a decade ago with the addition of multiplayer – a multiplayer that won the approval of the dev team but is still absent from the official releases. If you’re expecting JC4 to shake things up in interesting ways, you might come away from this toy box disappointed.

If you are ready to turn off your brain and watch one of gaming’s most impressive fireworks show, however, Just Cause 4 delivers more than enough bang for your buck.


  • Great core gameplay


  • Too similar in every regard to previous entries


Story - 7
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 9
Value - 8.5
Joe - GK
Reviewer - GamerKnights

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