Just Dance 2019 Review

Dance-Dance-Dance ‘til you’re Dead.


Dance, dance:

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid Just Dance for the many, many iterations it’s enjoyed before 2019’s entry. I was always a big fan of Harmonix’s doomed Dance Central series and I guess I felt like trying out Ubisoft’s panda-infused dance party would be like cheating on a dead spouse.

After kicking it with Just Dance 2019, I kind of wish I’d tossed out that old wedding ring a long time ago.


Just Dance 2019 is a party on a disc. Immediately upon booting the game up you’re greeted by colourful visuals, awesome, poppy music and a whole load of fun at your fingertips. Offering multiple styles of play and allowing for a bevy of additional peripherals (such as the Move motion controllers or even the PS Camera) means you can play however you feel comfortable (and in my case, whichever modus operandi got me the most gold stars).

Just Dance is a game intent on making you feel good. Not just with its setlist of bangers – though they help – but in its constant back-patting and affirmation. I’m rubbish at dancing, but after an hour with Ubisoft’s latest I felt like a backup dancer for Beyoncé. Or maybe someone less intimidating. Still, I felt awesome. And I felt tired too – Just Dance 2019 isn’t messing around. For those looking to burn some calories look no further than the game’s Sweat mode for some validation.

I knew about half the tracks on the disc – some of them from genres I didn’t care about and there’s a fair amount of foreign music I’d never heard of on here too – but once the game prompted me to give the Unlimited subscription a go (with the free month trial the game comes with) I was amazed at the wealth of music suddenly available to me.

I don’t usually talk about DLC or microtransactions in my reviews, but Just Dance Unlimited is a cracking good deal if you’re serious about your dancing. Collecting over 400 additional songs (from previous games and DLCs) each with their own … unique music videos (more on that later) I was bowled over by just how much I had to work through – and that’s just talking about the songs I already knew. The free month is nice, and there seems to be a decent range of subscription offers to choose from once it runs out (including a 24 hour pass which will be great for parties).


With a cracking library of songs and beautifully flashy menus, Just Dance is easy to love. The music videos themselves range from serious and stylish to absolutely bonkers, however, and it’s here where the title picks up the playful character it’s exhibited at various gameshows throughout the years.

From dancing pandas to haunted looking kids to a range of neon silhouettes, Just Dance is always fun, or accidentally hilarious, to look at.



I was very surprised with Just Dance 2019. Not only did I start raking in 5 star scores for my laughably bad dancing – and feeling all the fitter for it – but I got to know a whole load of cool music I hadn’t encountered before. This game is designed for solo replayability – learning the dances and steadily getting better – and stupid, party atmospheres equally, and it rocks at both.

If you have a love for dancing, or if anything I’ve described makes you want to get up and give it a go, I highly recommend Just Dance 2019.


  • Wealth of content
  • Fun, stylish, snazzy visuals


  • PS Camera mode is a bit finicky


Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 9
Joe - GK
Reviewer - GamerKnights

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