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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance News


Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets Royal Edition

Celebrating the first anniversary of the million-selling medieval roleplaying Game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Warhorse Studios/Deep Silver proudly announce the Royal Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox one as well as Windows PC. Fans will get the unique experience of what has been one of the critically most acclaimed games of the year 2018 as...[Read More]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new DLC – Band of Bastards

Warhorse Studios releases the next DLC “Band of Bastards” for the critically acclaimed medieval role-playing game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The DLC is available now on the respective digital stores. Trailer: Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s third DLC lets players accompany a gro...[Read More]

GK Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Good morning. Today we present you our full review of the new RPG “Kingdom Come: Deliverance“. Here’s a snippet: Combat is really interesting, with different attack and block moves, bonuses for timing, stamina. It’s complex, and almost like a 1st person Dark Souls in terms of the strategy and timing required (and the let...[Read More]

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