Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame Review

Monster Supercross seems like a frankly superfluous addition to an increasingly large roster of bike-based games coming out every year.



Milestone have gone for Xbox One X enhancements to their game, but don’t really say what the difference is over the standard console. Certainly my TV didn’t pop up to tell me it was in HDR mode.

The game certainly has some better looking textures than MXGP3, but it’s worrying that it’s not instantly clear where the upgrades have gone. Even worse is the fact that loading times are still long, whilst you can still see some texture pop-in. Worst of all is the fact that there’s plenty of hiccups in the frame-rate, particularly at the start and end of races.

The riders and bikes do look great, with the wind affecting the ripples on your biker gear, whilst the lighting effects from the stadia are also pretty good.

The broadcast TV segments remain a fair bit behind some of the competition, and years off what EA is offering in FIFA or Madden. This goes right down to the limited commentary, which sounds particularly flat. I don’t like the sounds of dirt bikes much, but at least they sound authentic enough here.



Monster Energy Supercross” is a bit of a missed opportunity. With a great track creator and an official license, there was an opportunity for something a bit special here. But the gameplay is completely taken from the MXGP games, the AI remains dull and robotic, and the presentation and career options remain years behind some of the competition elsewhere in the racing genre. If you absolutely dig Supercross, there’s little to dislike here. But otherwise you can get thrills on 2 wheels for less money, or much better racing games that involve 4 wheels.


  • Track creator
  • Loads to do
  • Achievement system


  • Issues with Xbox One X performance
  • Dull broadcast presentation


Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 7
Multiplayer - 7
Value - 7
Ian - GK
Editor - Reviewer GamerKnights

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