Outcast – Second Contact

Outcast – Second Contact

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Outcast – Second Contact


GK Review: Outcast: Second Contact

We have another review published today. This time our reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at the new “Outcast: Second Contact“. Here’s a snippet: It becomes almost immediately clear that Outcast: Second Contact has more in common with an HD remaster (even if the level of graphical work goes way beyond what you’d probabl...[Read More]

New screenshots of Outcast – Second Contact

We got a few new screenshots from Appeal upcoming action/adventure game “Outcast – Second Contact“. Especially the new ones where you can see the difference between the original Outcast (from 1999) and Second Contact. You can view those images right here.    

First screenshots of Outcast – Second Contact

Bigben and Appeal Studio have unveiled the very first screenshots of OUTCAST – Second Contact, the remake of the cult PC game Outcast, a pioneer in the history of open-world video games. This expanded version in full HD of the 1999 adventure game, highly anticipated by fans of the genre, will be available in March 2017 on PC, PlaySt...[Read More]

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