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GK Review: Mortal Kombat 11

Our review of probably the most wanted fighting game of 2019, “Mortal Kombat 11” is now online! Here’s a snippet: Mortal Kombat is a...[Read More]

Saber Interactive unveils its post-launch content for World War Z

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has announced the first phase in its post-launch content roadmap for World War Z, the a...[Read More]

GK Review: Dangerous Driving

Our reviewer Ian has taken a  closer look at the new ‘burnout’ game from developer 3 Fields (the ex developer of the Burnout series), R...[Read More]

GK Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Our reviewer Joe has done a full review of the new “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster” which is now finally out on Xbox One and Nintendo Swi...[Read More]

Free DLC for MudRunner, Old-Timers

Rev-up the nostalgia with MudRunner: Old-timers, the latest free DLC pack for the world’s ultimate off-road experience MudRunner, the hardcore m...[Read More]

GK Review: Yoshi’s Crafted World

Our review of Yoshi’s new game, “Yoshi’s Crafted World” is now online. Fancy a new Switch game then this title might be just f...[Read More]

Goku from Dragon Ball GT joins the character roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ

On May 9th, DRAGON BALL FighterZ players will be able to compete as Goku from the Dragon Ball GT series as the list of available FighterZ continues to...[Read More]

Critical mode now available in Kingdom Hearts III

Following the critically acclaimed launch earlier this year, KINGDOM HEARTS III continues to expand with a brand new update today. In this update, pla...[Read More]

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s FINAL DLC The Path Home is out now

Square Enix are excited to announce “The Path Home,” the final DLC adventure for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, is available now. Out as an exclusive free...[Read More]

GK Review: Dead Or Alive 6

Our second review for today is the 3D fighting game “Dead Or Alive 6” from developer Team Ninja and publisher Koei Tecmo. More: Dead or Al...[Read More]

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Zanki Zero: Zanki Zero, a new adventure from the guys who brought us the excellent Danganronpa series, immediately had my attention. Despite its weird...[Read More]

Marvel: It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was mucking about with a load of LEGO bricks on the PS4 (that’s because it was – Ed) and here...[Read More]

Skies Unknown: Oh, how it has been a long, long time since this was on my HDD. It has been over a decade since Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation came ...[Read More]

The Komplete Fighter? Mortal Kombat is a series that I’ve come back to time and time again, despite being rubbish at fighting games. Whether it was MK...[Read More]

2 Fast 2 Dangerous? Let me make this very clear. The Burnout games are some of my all-time favourites. The sense of speed. The deformation of the cars...[Read More]

Distant Memories: Back in 2001, Square Enix were still pumping out classic after venerable classic. Every game with the Final Fantasy name attached to...[Read More]

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