A re-visit to PUBG, seeing as how it is coming to PS4 and it is now a complete product on XBox One.


It isn’t to say that it doesn’t still have issues. The menus can still be a little buggy at times and you will still get those moments where you feel the open world is against you, but the main issue we have here compared to the other two main competitors is that the frame rate is still hovering at a 30 fps limit, whereas you have Black Ops 4 and Fortnite both cracking a session at 60 frames per second. I feel that this makes a massive difference to the way these games play and, as much as I actually hate to say this, I think Black Ops 4’s Blackout is a better version of Battle Royale, simply because it does everything much more consistently.

From the games that I played on PUBG more recently, I didn’t get “THAT” feeling. All of you who played on Game Preview will know what I’m on about. I’m talking about the wonder of why you paid ahead of schedule for something that played like it was put together for a bet. The difference now is night and day considering where we were at some 12 months ago. You now feel like you have that complete game the PC owners had well before you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that there is no cross-play on this, as the computer guys would horse most of us console owners, but then there is one other thing now that sways a lot of the goodness to PUBG’s favour.

That thing is the price. Simply put, because of the time that the game has laid in a state of illness, the price has dropped quite heavily and I’ve seen this going about for £13, or £20 depending on where you’re looking at it. This is a HUGE feather in the cap. You can pick this up now, in a complete state for the price of an indie title if you look hard enough. How can you NOT fail to be happy about that? We now have a game that does what it set out to do on consoles. It plays smooth enough, still allows you and your mates to have a jolly romp through empty towns, bearing in mind there are more maps for this Battle Royale than any other right now, and you can do it for a cheap price too.


I have to admit, as I’ve said already, I do prefer Blackout on Black Ops 4, but when you look at everything as a package, you still cannot beat the original and (now) best for the whole thing. There’s more to offer you in this specific area than anyone else, you already have a user base that know how everything works, which is a big plus, and I have no doubt that there will be more to add as time goes on without a £35 season pass. That’s a big deal nowadays.

I reckon Ian’s original score only needs to come down by 0.4 because as much as it is a decent shooter, I don’t think it is well structured enough and there is room still for improvement, but when you look at what it is now compared to where it was, it still kicks ass in the Battle Royale genre, the very genre that it started….. (Thank you too, M.A.G.)


  • A HUGE improvement in every department
  • More maps and a more stable environment


  • More game modes would be great
  • Still the odd frame drop here and there


Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 8.5
Multiplayer - 8
Value - 9.5

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