PUBG has some unfortunate performance issues even on an Xbox One X, but if they can be sorted, the controls and gameplay have transferred to console relatively intact, making it a great way to experience Battle Royale without the need for a beefy PC.


Next worst is the plane ride into murder island and the parachute drop, which regularly dives to sub 20FPS, which is a bit visually jarring, even if it doesn’t really affect the actual gameplay.

However, most of the time, once you’re actually playing the game, everything works A-OK.


PUBG just has the one map, but it’s massive and contains a number of visual styles, from urban environments to farmland and thickly wooded areas. I’ve played a dozen games so far, and still feel like I’ve barely explored the map. Certainly it’s rare for me to ever cross more than 10% of it in a single game. Character models look pretty good, and animation is mostly decent beyond a few slightly odd issues which are probably down to the game still being in early access. On Xbox One X, the game runs at 4K, and most of the assets (again, beyond the staging area, which has some extremely rough texture work) look pretty good too.

Whilst the game might not be an audio powerhouse in the traditional meaning (there’s very little music), PUBG has some of the best ambient audio and sound effects of any game ever. It’s amazing how the sound of an engine or gunfire in the extreme distance can shock you, raising your adrenaline level as you try to work out what direction it came from precisely and whether you should run, investigate or just start shooting yourself.



Whether or not you have another way to play PUBG, the Xbox version still needs a fair bit of work. The significant performance issues, occasional bout of lag and slightly convoluted control scheme all mean the overall experience isn’t as good as on the PC. But then again, with the version of the game still being sat on 0.5, there’s plenty of space for improvement as it’ll be some time before the Xbox version catches up in terms of feature parity with the PC, where a second map and numerous new features are about to launch when the game hits 1.0. The core experience is still a lot of fun on console, but potential purchasers should be aware that this is definitely an early access game, and not just a polished product as some games are nowadays.



  • Controls mostly work
  • Looks good on Xbox One X


  • Running behind the PC version
  • Consistent frame-rate issues


Graphics - 8
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8
Multiplayer - 7.5
Value - 9.5
Ian - GK
Editor - Reviewer GamerKnights

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