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GK Review: Contra: Rogue Corps

Our reviewer Joe has made a full in depth review of Konami’s new twin-stick shooter “Contra: Rogue Corps“. Here’s more: Perhaps the less said about story the better – which seemed to be Konami’s mantra when it came to Rogue Corps’ narrative. Taking place vaguely after the excellent Contra III (which still stands as one of my favourite titles of all time), we see a bunch of ...[Read More]

Contra: Rogue Corps

Several years after the events of the Alien Wars, CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS follows a former military group living on the fringes as bounty hunters and treasure finders in the Damned City. Survival requires fast reactions, powerful weapons and the occasional organ and cybernetic augmentation. Players will complete missions in PVE campaigns, gathering resources to upgrade their guns to stay alive in the ...[Read More]

Contra: Rogue Corps Review

Contra: Contra is a great series with a great lineage. The same used to be said of Konami, but now everyone arbitrarily hates them in the same way we hated EA not so long ago, so it was no surprise to me to see their latest effort met with critical damnation and commercial indifference. Contra Rogue Corps is an effort to modernize a genre – the run and gun – that didn’t neccesarily need mode...[Read More]

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