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GK Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Hi there. Today we have published our review of the new “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” which is now out on PlayStation 4. Here’s more: Dissidia NT is a curious beast that will likely stump any but the already initiated. Working as a party-brawler of sorts, the game pits teams of three against each other in large arenas. Battles don’t work in the same way as most fighting games howev...[Read More]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review

Dissidia NT: When it comes to fan-service, Square Enix are masters of the craft. Final Fantasy sees more spin-off titles than mainline games in any given year, and this versatility has served the series well. Dissidia NT, the home-console big brother of the PSP titles that came before, is no different, with some excellent interdimensional interactions causing big stupid grins to cross the faces of...[Read More]

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Developed in partnership with veteran fighting game studio Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is a unique team-based brawler, where players work together to overcome their rivals and dominate the battlefield. With a launch roster of 28 playable characters from throughout the FINAL FANTASY series, powerful summons, online and offline play modes, character customisation, ...[Read More]

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