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GK Review: Dragon’s Crown Pro

Our reviewer Joe has taken a closer look at the new brawler for PS4, “Dragon’s Crown Pro“. More: Dragon’s Crown is still the same button-mashing-fun it was five years ago. There’s a bevy of characters each boasting their own in-depth skill trees to unlock and master, there are loads of stages to go out and earn new loot and EXP in and a whole suite of incredibly designed enemies ...[Read More]

Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

Dragon’s Crown Pro: If you’ve never played Dragon’s Crown and you love sidecrolling brawlers such as Streets of Rage, you can quit reading now. Go grab Dragon’s Crown Pro and have yourself one hell of a time – the genre doesn’t get better than this. If you’re a veteran returning for some extra DC goodness, hold your horses and read on to see if Pro is worth the double dip. Gameplay: Dragon’s...[Read More]

Dragon’s Crown Pro

As with the original release, Dragon's Crown Pro features groups of heroes that face dreadful challenges in the labyrinthine dungeons surrounding the medieval fantasy kingdom of Hydeland. As they explore deeper into the dungeons, non-player characters such as Samuel the Adventurer's Guild leader and Lucain, the wizard come in to play with quests and tasks to complete. Use six adventurers (Fighter,...[Read More]

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