GK Review: FIFA 19

Today we bring you a full review of the new “FIFA 19“! Can it beat PES? Here’s a snippet: EA have made a number of interesting updates this year, including the ability to swap between the characters at will, although there is a ‘curated experience’, which is the recommended way to play. To be honest, the storyline gets a bit more outlandish and theatrical, but I guess that suits ...[Read More]

FIFA 19 Review

Championes? FIFA has stolen the Champions League license from Konami, made the football a bit more theatrical, and brought in a new commentary team for European games. Is this the definitive football game? Story: FIFA’s “The Journey” comes to a conclusion this year, as we follow the story of the Hunter siblings trying to win the Champions League and Women’s World Cup, along with the adventures of ...[Read More]

FIFA 19 Images


Fans can achieve glory with the UEFA Champions League across a variety of modes including the new Kick Off, which also features ‘House Rules’ and deeper stat tracking to heighten the competition among friends. In FIFA Ultimate Team™, brand new ICONS join the roster, and an all new mode, Division Rivals, offers a new way to compete online. Additionally, the final chapter of the critically acclaimed...[Read More]

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