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GRIP: Combat Racing gets a massive Big Ass Update!

Wired Productions and developer Caged Element Inc., are today pleased to announce that the ‘Big Ass Update’ for GRIP: Combat Racing has arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the Nintendo Switch release coming close behind. Hot-on-the-wheels of securing the runner-up spot in the IndieDB ‘Players Choice Indie of the Year’, Grip: Combat Racing shows no sign of slow-down thanks to...[Read More]

GK Review: GRIP: Combat Racing

Remember the good-old days where ‘Rollcage‘ and ‘Extreme-G‘ were one of your favourite racing games? Well here is our review of “GRIP: Combat Racing“, an old-school racing game, upside down. More: What I didn’t know is that some of the game’s creators have been helping the community maintain the game over time, and eventually we come to GRIP, which has had some ...[Read More]

GRIP: Combat Racing Review

Fighting against gravity? Somehow, I remember Rollcage quite fondly, despite not remembering what platform I may have played it on, and despite definitely spending more time with Wipeout and Extreme G as a kid. Does this spiritual successor get it right? Story: GRIP has some really cool artwork for the loading screens, which makes it look like it was going to have a proper story at some point. The...[Read More]

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GRIP: Combat Racing

Taking full advantage of the current generation of gaming hardware and benefiting from the potential that comes with building on Unreal Engine 4, GRIP: Combat Racing accelerates ahead of the racing crowd by offering players gravity-defying physics reaching speeds of over 767 mph - making it the fastest racing game on four wheels. Along with the breakneck speeds and intense action, players will gen...[Read More]

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