GK Review: Hitman: Definitive Edition

Another review for today. We bring you a full review of the new “Hitman: Definitive Edition” which is out now. More: Definitive Edition is billed as a celebration of sorts for IO Interactive, who are marking their 20th anniversary with this new retail bundle of every bit of content from the original Season 1, along with some new extras. Including all the bells and whistles of the Game ...[Read More]

Hitman: Definitive Edition Review

Forty-Seven Forever: After the Hitman Game of the Year edition I didn’t expect another release of what is probably the best Hitman game ever made. 2016’s Hitman made a strong case as to why assassinating people stealthily is not as dead a genre as the corpses you leave stashed away throughout your adventures as the suited-and-booted assassin Agent 47. It was an evolution of the artform, in fact, a...[Read More]

Hitman: Definitive Edition Images

Hitman: Definitive Edition

Developed by IO Interactive, the HITMAN: Definitive Edition brings together all previously released content and game updates from the first season of HITMAN, in addition to new in-game disguises for Agent 47 inspired by classic IO Interactive titles – Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas – celebrating the Danish studio’s 20th anniversary.

HITMAN Elusive Target #23 is live now!

A new ‘Elusive Target‘ for “HITMAN” ( #23, The Paparazzo) is now live in Paris across all platforms. A briefing video is available online and in-game to help players determine the approximate location of the target. Players will need to own HITMAN Episode 1: Paris in order to access this content. *The Elusive Target is available for 264 hours. Elusive Targets are part of th...[Read More]

HITMAN gets a tougher difficulty

Io-Interactive is pleased to confirm that HITMAN will receive a new, tougher difficulty setting as part of the free January Update with the disc launch on January 31. Professional Difficulty Level will offer a tougher challenge for players. With new game features, a separate mastery track with unique rewards, tweaked game mechanics and new AI behavior that combine to create an entirely new experie...[Read More]

HITMAN will support HDR and 4K on PS4 Pro

Io-Interactive is pleased to confirm that HITMAN will support High Dynamic Range (HDR) from January 31st, 2017. Allowing for more vibrant graphics, HITMAN will support HDR displays via a game update when the disc launches. IOI Programmer Anders Wang Kristensen explains: ” As an example, think of 47 in a dark room looking out a bright window. Without HDR you would not be able make out what’s ...[Read More]

Sixteenth HITMAN Elusive Target is now live

The sixteenth Elusive Target, The Guru, is now live in Sapienza across all platforms. A briefing video is available online and in-game to help players determine the approximate location of the target. Players will need to own HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza in order to access this content. Important Note: Elusive Target 16 has two fail conditions. – Do not harm, injure or subdue Keith Keeble R...[Read More]

New Holiday content arriving for HITMAN

Io-Interactive are very pleased to announce new Holiday Content for HITMAN arriving next week on December 13th, which will be released in support of World Cancer Research Fund. “Cancer is something which affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their lives and we at IOI wanted to do something to help raise money for Cancer research,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactiv...[Read More]

GK Review: HITMAN – Episode 6: Hokkaido

We have just published our review of the final episode, ‘Hokkaido‘ of “HITMAN“. Curious if this episode is any good? Here’s more: Thankfully, the gameplay more than makes up for the disappointing story beats, with some of the best opportunities to date. Fancy dressing up as a Yoga instructor? Performing open heart surgery with a robot? Becoming a sushi chef or drug-pu...[Read More]

HITMAN – Episode 6: Hokkaido Review

Japan scam? The first season of ‘new’ Hitman comes to an end in a private Japanese hospital, but is it a fitting ending for Agent 47? Story: Our bald assassin’s story has certainly seen up-and-downs this year, but unfortunately Hokkaido isn’t the best ending to the season. The tension and ante are upped once again, with two high profile targets to take out. But it’s the end cut-scene which let thi...[Read More]

HITMAN – Episode 5: Colorado Review

You’ll never take my freedom! Hitman is back again with a new level and four targets to take out. Is this just unnecessarily upping the ante? Story: This latest Hitman’s overall story has seemed a little bit inconsequential at best, and downright confusing at worst. But with ‘Freedom Fighters’ IO finally start to bring things together, neatly tying in the other hits and bringing things closer to h...[Read More]

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